Personal & Corporate Branding

Business or individual, GillespieHall will find your core value proposition and create a fitting visual or executive brand.

personal branding

Positioning you
as a trusted leader in
your field.

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If you are looking for your next opportunity, blazing a new trail or have recently landed your dream job and need to make your mark, our Executive Branding Suite (EBS) is for you. We consolidate and strengthen your social media profiles, improve your searchability and create a powerful message to connect you with the right people to reach your goals.

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Your visual identity and brand collaterals should resonate with your customer, remind them why they love you and set you apart from the competition. We delve deep into what your company does, how and why to create a brand identity, logo and core value proposition language that reflect your value and culture.

Corporate branding

Developing and consolidating a brand identity that will grow
with you.

We’re proud to work with our clients

Partnership Pays

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Call us about being your new secret power

Imagine reaching your organizational goals with the support of a purposeful communication team. It’s what we do.

A Different Approach

At GillespieHall, we challenge the ordinary to drive real change. Our messages stick because we connect with audiences strategically and emotionally. Using our proprietary SCOPETM method of message calibration and distribution, we deepen brand loyalty, thoughtfully manage crises and foster growth.

How do we do it?

Our Rigorous Discovery Process
Diversity of Clients
Global Reach
Driven By Impact
"Communication must take a chance to stand a chance."
- Bridget Paverd, PR Strategist, GH Founding Partner
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Brand Enhancements

A behavior-changing PR campaign requires a powerful combination of communication tools to get your message across and reach your audiences.
Curious about the services that form our campaigns and how they work together to achieve your goals? Read on…