Top Six Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Impact

April 13, 2022
Technology & Social Media
Philip Paverd

E-mail is still the most revered communication platform – what’s in your inbox?

In this fickle world of digital shiny objects and high-vitality communication platforms, it’s surprising that email, one of the oldest digital marketing channels, is still the most effective communication tool businesses have at our disposal.

Generations of people have experienced every new platform that’s launched. Some – like Slack –hang around and become part of our day-to-day communication. Others – like AOL messenger – fade as suddenly as they appeared.

GH’s email marketing division has grown steadily since 2008. We create and deploy hundreds of email marketing pieces, each unique and fine-tuned for specific audience segments.

Why Email?

Audiences love email. In a recent survey conducted by GH, audiences were asked to rank their preferred communication channel – 90% came back saying email. For many marketers, email marketing remains one of the most important lead generation and nurturing channels. Email is easily tracked and measured.

What’s an Open Rate and Why Does it Matter?

How do we know if this content is working? By measuring who is opening the emails and engaging with the content.

  • “Open rate” quantifies the number of people out of all those who receive your emails, who open it.
  • Open rates also tell you:
  • If your email made it to the inbox (and not a spam folder)
  • Did your subject line work – was it compelling?

Different industries have different average open rates. According to Constant Contact, a decent open rate average is around 17%.

How to Establish an Open Rate Benchmark?

How do we know if this content is working? By measuring who is opening the emails and engaging with the content.

  • The best way to determine your email open rate for your business is by tracking your email open rates for a full quarter, then averaging them. This rate will be your “benchmark”.
  • Measure your open rates over time against this benchmark to ensure that they continue to improve.
  • At GH our open rate informs our content strategy – what works and what does not.

Top Six Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

  1. Craft a short, relevant, and interesting subject line.
  2. Build your own email contact list and keep it updated. We recommend auditing your email lists twice a year.
  3. Pay attention to the design and layout of the email; looking professional with content that is organized, appealing and digestible.
  4. Add a call to action (CTA) to guide your subscribers to read your emails and take a desired action – link to your website, share on social media or make a call.
  5. Never send an email from a “no-reply” address – this is an engagement killer and defeats the purpose of the email.
  6. Remember to SIGN your email – keep it personal!

Not only does e-mail marketing take advantage of a method of communication that has stood the test of time, but it’s also an incredibly powerful and reliable tool that gives you measurable results on your campaign’s impact.

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