You’re Outsourcing Wrong. Here’s How to Do It Right.

September 29, 2022
Technology & Social Media
Bridget Paverd

Anyone can create a social media post, right? Wrong. Avoid outsourcing to firms that use generic content dumps! Generic dump tactics happen far too frequently. Content machines churn out broad, non-specific content and deliver the same content to hundreds of other social media sites.

The result? Nothing. No growth. No engagement. No expanded reach and no differentiation of your brand. Just ongoing content filling up the social media void for thousands of businesses. One-size-fits-all simply does not work.

Remember that you get what you pay for, and a firm that will provide customized and targeted social media marketing specific to your brand and audience won’t be cheap.

The Facts on Outsourcing

More and more organizations are choosing to outsource their social media. In the United States alone, of the services most often outsourced, 34% is digital marketing of which social media is a major component.

Here’s why:

To make an impact, social media content must be consistent and relevant. And that takes long-term planning, strategy, countless hours and precious resources. Smaller organizations are already stretched thin, and larger companies often don’t have the ability to handle the turn-on-a-dime environment that social media demands.

So, Select Your Social Media Partner Wisely

Delegating your business’s social media efforts to an outside agency means entrusting them with your brand’s online reputation.

Here are three things to look for in your outsourcing partner:

1.     Solid Track Record – Take note of how long they have been in the “social media game.” Review existing social media accounts managed by the agency and ask for context and goals for each campaign.

2.     The Right Tools – Make sure the agency has a solid history of using leading industry tools, such as graphics software, conversion optimization, lead generation, engagement analytics and content scheduling.

3.     Creative Geniuses – Typically, social media is the first point of contact audiences will have with your brand. Content needs to be timely, engaging and genuine. This can be the most challenging part for many organizations.

Here are four things they should be doing from the beginning:

1.     Incorporating social media as part of a larger marketing strategy (nothing is done in isolation).

2.     Positioning your brand as an industry leader and problem solver (“Here’s what we can do for you.”).

3.     Continually differentiating your brand from your competitors (you need to stand out).

4.     Plugging into trends without succumbing to every shiny new social media object (this takes a high level of discernment).

Handing over your brand’s entire online presence to an outside firm is a huge step and not one you should take lightly.

At GillespieHall, we were among the first PR and marketing agencies to embrace the promise and potential of social media. That means we have nearly two decades of experience under our belts.

You need new, exciting and effective ways to reach your target audiences in 2023. That’s why we’re here. Give us a call at (302) 234-9500 or email

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