More organizations in the US and UK continue to outsource social media. Here’s why.

September 20, 2022
Technology & Social Media
Bridget Paverd

To make an impact, social media content must be consistent and relevant. And that takes time, resources and TikTok.

Taking the Outsource Leap

Delegating your business’s social media efforts to an outsourcing company means entrusting them with your brand’s online image. Select your social media partner wisely.

Here’s what to look for in your social media partner:

1. Field experts

How long have these potential social media partners been in the game? Review existing social media accounts managed by the agency - and be sure to ask for context and goals for each campaign.

2. Current on Social Media Tools

Make sure the agency has a solid history of using the leading industry tools, such as TikTok/Video, graphic software, conversion optimization, lead generation, engagement analytics, content scheduling.

3. Astute content creators – strategic and original

Social media is a word-of-mouth campaign. Done properly, it forms the core of all marketing and awareness initiatives.  Having content ignored is worse than having no content at all. Your partner agency must:

          1. Raise awareness by continually differentiating your clients from their competitors

          2. Be highly skilled in video

          3. Position you as brand leaders and problem solvers – ‘here’s what  we can do for you’

          4. Showcase your successes and innovations

          5. Share your relationships with your customers through testimonials

          6. Plug into trends (like hashtags and TikTok)

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Anyone can create a post, right? Wrong.
  • Avoid the generic content dump options!
  • Generic dump’ tactics happen far too frequently. Content machines churn out broad, non-specific content. Many “content machines” deliver the same content to hundreds of other social media sites.
  • The result?  Nothing. No growth. No engagement. No expanded branding.  Just on-going content filling up the social media void for thousands of businesses. One-size-fits-all simply does not work.
  • You get what you pay for.

So, free up your in-house employees and outsource social media…

Select your social media partner wisely.