Make A Real Impact with These 3 PR Tools

October 13, 2022
Public Relations
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  • Banning indoor smoking in three states? Check.
  • Improving public perception of a vo-tech school district? Check.
  • Educating the public on the power grid so Delaware can compete and grow? Check.
  • Destigmatizing legal medicinal cannabis use? Check.
  • Garnering community support for people struggling with substance abuse? Check.

Our PR campaigns are groundbreaking. Why? Because they have introduced significant change and leave a positive path forward for future generations.

Creative PR strategies can move mountains. Or in GH’s history, change behaviors and change lives.

So, what’s the secret sauce to game-changing PR?

1. Authentic, creative storytelling – Bring your audience into your world by sharing experiences that relate to your mission and brand. Make that connection head on. For instance, imagine our world with mandatory blackouts because of an unstable power grid? Or if people exposed to secondhand smoke continued to die from lung disease because of their work environment? Tell those stories. And remember that people do not like change, so prepare yourselves/your clients for resistance. But stay the course.

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2. Inspiring visuals – Audiences are conditioned to seeing compelling visuals – such as pictures and videos – in support of messaging. Use visuals that make audiences feel a connection to your message. Does the visual evoke curiosity? Wonder? Is it eye-catching and memorable on a screen, in print or on a giant billboard?

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3. Go for the mind and heart! – Emotionally-activating content tells people why they should care. Why does your content matter? Will this campaign make me or my loved ones healthier, happier, or more financially secure? Does it spark joy, fear, or hope? Emotionally invested audiences are more likely to engage with your business or mission.

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Say yes to making creative storytelling, compelling visuals, and invoking real emotions an everyday part of your content. It’s a winning PR trifecta!

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