Got a Big Idea? Now What?

Notice how people are rejecting "what was" and looking ahead for something new, different and that aligns with their reset values?

September 1, 2022
Strategy & Public Relations
Building Momentum for Your Great Idea Takes Smarts and Strategy

Your epic idea doesn’t require epic proportions of effort to make it work. Here’s our recipe for success:


- Bring the right people on board… and get their buy in. When you select the employees who are the right fit for your idea, that’s the right first step. Think of them as idea evangelists taking your idea to the next phase.


- Know who you are talking to and what will move them to support your idea. 

FAB (Features, Advantages and Benefits)

- Good old-fashioned Features, Advantages and Benefits. Create your compelling message – what are you proposing, what are the benefits, and what do you need your stakeholders to do to make this happen?


- Communicate regularly about your idea progress – use personalized email blasts, social media, video, LinkedIn article series, a column in appropriate pubs, sponsored content series, etc.
- Choose your channels based on where your focus audiences get their news and information.
- Remember you need a lot of touchpoints to grab attention and change people’s minds! That means several different channels, and repeatedly/consistently talking about your idea, even after you’re tired of it. It will be new to someone else. 😊


- Find champions – start sharing your idea with other influencers in and outside your industry.
- Offer yourself as a guest speaker/presenter – start with your local Chamber of Commerce.


- Work at it! None of these ideas and inspiration are nothing without action. So whether it’s a big leap or a small step, make sure that there’s a task behind your concept. And a deadline.

Claim Your Space and Launch Your New Idea

If you are a new leader, or a tenured leader with a new idea, now is the time to step out. Gather support and momentum, and make it happen. The time is now.

What’s YOUR big idea that will change "business as usual"? Does anyone know about it yet?

(Psstt: We love making people rich or famous… or both.)

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