About GillespieHall

GillespieHall (GH) is a leader in strategic public relations, branding and marketing, crisis intervention and conflict resolution.

About Us

We change behavior for good

GillespieHall delivers ideas purposefully. Using tools like public relations, social media, email marketing, SEO, video, podcasts and blogs to connect with audiences emotionally, we drive real change. We deepen brand loyalty and facilitate growth.

Our strategic communication campaigns, and our crisis and conflict management strategies, have contributed to the success of hundreds of organizations from across the business, science, service, arts, education and nonprofit sectors.

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Our work has helped smokers quit, Millennials save, homeowners select the perfect faucet, retirees buy funeral insurance, doctors understand medical cannabis, even reenergize space travel… You get the picture. Businesses that challenge the ordinary rely on us. We’re creative problem solvers.

Our messages stick.

Meet The Team

Relationships are the foundation of good business.
- GillespieHall Partners

The GillespieHall team is an inspired fusion of talent and culture. We are strategists, writers, designers, digital marketers, businesspeople, social scientists and project managers. We span four generations and represent five continents. We work together as a true team on every GH project, contributing passion, curiosity, knowledge and creativity to everything we do. GillespieHall is proud to pioneer a four-day work week in the PR industry.

Bridget Paverd

PR Strategist & Founding Partner

Clara Mattucci

Behaviorist & Partner

Scott Pruden

Director of Content Development

Catarina Carvalho

Creative Marketing & Designer

Jasha Price

Digital Marketing Specialist

Austin Griffith

Lead Digital Strategist

Tita Cherrier

Public Relations Writer

Philip Paverd

Research & Content Analyst

Karen James

Media & PR Strategiest

Bhranti Patel

Office Manager

Amanda Smart

Client Relations Administrator

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Call us about being your new secret power

Imagine reaching your organizational goals with the support of a purposeful communication team. It’s what we do.

The GillespieHall Story

In 1996 Bridget Paverd had a vision – to start a PR agency in Wilmington, Delaware, that delivers real life solutions for corporations, nonprofits and startups. In 2006, one year after Facebook emerged, she pioneered the use of digital platforms as an integral part of PR. GH grew substantially to include both PR and digital talent. The agency is still regarded as one of the few firms in the country that fully understands and successfully integrates digital messaging into PR. Today, GH is an agency that offers clients a host of behavior-changing and relationship management services – all designed to
Discover. Tell. Inspire. Change. Grow.

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Our Awards

GH campaigns have been internationally recognized for creative quality and meaningful outcomes. We don’t do it for the awards – but we’re pretty flattered.

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A Different Approach

At GillespieHall, we challenge the ordinary to drive real change. Our messages stick because we connect with audiences strategically and emotionally. Using our proprietary SCOPETM method of message calibration and distribution, we deepen brand loyalty, thoughtfully manage crises and foster growth.

How do we do it?

Our Rigorous Discovery Process
Diversity of Clients
Global Reach
Our Impacts
Communication must take a chance to stand a chance.
- Bridget Paverd, PR Strategist, GH Founding Partner
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