What our Clients Say

"Bridget and Neal understand the importance of a cohesive marketing effort: earned media, branding and education. The GillespieHall team produce work that is remarkable, insightful and even entertaining. It always strikes a chord with our target audience. Bridget gets it done, on time, and within budget. She has worked with my organization since 2002 and we are delighted to have her drive, passion and commitment lead the GillespieHall team as they fight our cause."
- Deborah P. Brown, President and CEO American Lung Association Mid-Atlantic

"GillespieHall approaches their publicity work in a way that turns it on its head, but only when necessary, and Bridget instinctively know when it needs this. Smart thinking. Smart execution."
- Heather Bowen, Creative Executive Director, Baker Street Agency

Bridget is just wonderful to work with. She has been able to work within our non-profit's budget and has produced incredible results. It just amazes me how she has been able to so quickly grasp the complicated world of State and Federal politics and its players. While I have worked mostly with Bridget, Dr. Neal Hall has given me brilliant advice and insight on simple human nature and expectations. Regrettably, sometimes the "human factor" is lost in the process. I would highly recommend them both.
- Brett Saddler, Executive Director, Claymont Renaissance Development Corporation

We are dedicated clinicians and needed professional PR input. From the minute Bridget agreed to take us on, we started enjoying the benefits of her service. She has more contacts than a Hollywood agent, writes like the Bard and tells you just like it is! Use her only if you want real success.
- SR 2006

Bridget is amazingly connected and is always working to help achieve your business objectives. She is like virus protection on your computer: always running in the background, perhaps not always visible, but always working.
- SR 2010

Bridget, Neal and the entire team at GillespieHall are remarkably effective at capturing even the most complex messages in creative and highly targeted ways. I have never worked with another team that is so imaginative, resourceful, effective, and dynamic as GillespieHall. Bridget and Neal have a unique combination of experience and expertise those results in vibrant, powerful communications.

“Bridget is extremely effective at capturing the attention of multiple types of media. She launched a personal branding campaign for our CEO in 2004 that delivered immediate results. Bridget's creative approach resulted in press in a variety of venues and these publications continue to recognize our CEO today. This recognition has opened many doors for our sales team and has allowed us to grow a small DE-based CRO into a global entity. I highly recommend Bridget and the GillespieHall firm to any company or individual looking for growth.”
- Karan Guyon, Executive Consultant

Bridget is a true joy to work with and a remarkable individual. Exceptionally dedicated and insightful, she blends the extraordinary combination of passionate messaging with intelligent media to deliver her client's critical issues to the forefront of public awareness. I've worked with Bridget for nearly 10 years, and with Marketing and PR Directors for over 20, and you won't find a better person, or a better firm than GillespieHall when it comes to understanding your organization and finding the most effective way to voice your message.
- Jeff Hughes, President, Owner, Hughes Design, Inc.

“Bridget is smart, incisive, clever, helpful, demanding, forward thinking, honest, productive and on and on. The most important thing to know about Bridget is when she works for you, she works for you. and funny, too.”
- Carlos Alejandro, Owner, Carlos Alejandro Photography

"Bridget's a straight shooter!"
- Morgan Freeman, Actor

"She's hard to ignore, a real go-getter."
- Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Laureate

"Bridget's articles are very good, just as I expected - professionally written and very entertaining."
- Gary Soulsman, Columnist, The News Journal

"I appreciate all Bridget and her team are doing for my company - I am learning so much from her!"
- Mary Post, President, Listening Post Productions

"Ms. Paverd's enthusiasm is infectious and her attention to detail lends a reassurance that nothing will fall through the cracks, not on her watch."
- A. Murphy, Community Relations Manager, Barnes and Noble Booksellers

"So much of what Bridget and her team do is confidential - we value her discretion"
- Senior VP, Large Bank


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