GILLESPIEHALL is the leading minority-owned social marketing and public relations firm in the region, specializing in targeted marketing and awareness campaigns, personal branding, health/lifestyle changes and behavior modification.

The success of GILLESPIEHALL is largely due to the singular talents of the executive partners. Bridget Gillespie Paverd brings passion, creativity and smart thinking to her work. The high regard for her expertise within marketing and health communities is demonstrated partly by her many public speaking engagements, which include being the lead presenter at the Ivy League Summit at Wharton Business School, PA recently. “We are best at building dialogues, shaping opinions and managing reputations in an integrated environment of new media space and traditional print, broadcast and online media,” says Paverd. “We understand key audiences, key influencers and how to build and protect our clients’ brand.”

Neal Hall, a Harvard-trained surgeon, places himself squarely in the trenches of strategic social research and advocacy. Dr Hall runs workshops, health fairs, and radio features on subjects as diverse as sleep deprivation, nutrition, diabetes, tobacco prevention, underage drinking and healthy lifestyle choices. He is a disciple of metrics:”Measurement and evaluation practices are critical to understanding a campaign’s output (e.g. reach) and outcomes (e.g. how did he campaign change behaviors.) Hall regularly leads community based health initiatives.

The combined background and talents of the GILLESPIEHALL team, position us to craft brilliant, hard-hitting effective campaigns, with superior execution in the following areas:

  • PR counsel - reputation protection, brand elevation, damage control
  • Strategic planning
  • Metrics
  • Social media
  • Community outreach and development
  • Market research
  • Branding
  • Publicity
  • Media planning – strong concentration on Social Media and Web
  • Creative services, including design, videography and photography
  • Social marketing and communication
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Write speeches, video and PSA scripts and reports
GILLESPIEHALL begins every campaign with a thorough understanding of the target audience and message. We shun the generic strategy, because reaching a variety of audience on critical, life-saving issues such as health and wellness, requires a deeply personal understanding of the target market's aspirations and motivations. GILLESPIEHALL never forgets this. Our passion, empathy, and outreach have made us leaders in the field of social marketing.

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